Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Hair!

For the month of August, my horoscope forecast read something like this, " ideal time to work on your appearance- you can find ways to make changes. Buy new clothes, or change the way you wear your hair." So I decided to go with the way you wear your hair bit.  
I had it colored at Bench/ Fix

My hair is naturally this dark. 

Several times I've tried different hair color treatments and DIY kits to lighten it but I never really achieved the light brown I was going for. And it gets frustrating to try again because normally I had to grow my hair out again because I didn't want to fry it.

So this time I knew I had to leave it to the experts. And, voila! My hair is successfully light brown. I'm pretty satisfied because this is the lightest I've had it. Many thanks, Bench Fix!

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