Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas in Baguio

Here's a recap of our trip last December 23-25. We arrived at 6:30 in the morning, in time for breakfast. It being my first time, I was so amused by the sights, people, ukay-ukay, food, and of course, the weather! 

Because Baguio is much known for their strawberries, the moment we saw taho vendors selling strawberry-flavored taho, we simply had to try it!
Here's our first taste of strawberry taho! It even has actual strawberries inside, so yummy!  

We had the rest of our breakfast at Cottage Gi's before settling in at the Scarborough Lodge.
Cottage Gi's Caramel Waffle

We also went to the BenCab Museum, home of the works of National Artist of the Philippines in the field of Visual Arts, Ben Cabrera and as well as other artists' galleries. 

After going around the museum and viewing the different galleries, we went to Café Sabel, located just below the museum. We were lucky enough to meet BenCab himself in his café.

We tried a few dishes from their menu while we basked in the tranquil ambiance of the café and its amazing view -- a serene pond and a breathtaking mountain forest. 

We also went to the Mines View Park, a very popular attraction in the city. People visit Mines View because of Baguio products, souvenirs, tourist attractions and activities, such as having your photo taken with Douglas!

Here are photos of us with the famous St. Bernard named Douglas Jr. or DJ. He’s so big and heavy!! But don’t let his size scare you because he is super friendly and will take photos with you. 

One thing I also noticed is that the people there love dogs! We bumped into a lot of dog lovers walking their pets; some even carried them inside handbags! I therefore conclude that Baguio is a peace-loving city because they love dogs. Haha!

Here are our other photos with doggies Morgan the Cocker Spaniel and Oatmeal the Shih tzu at the Inn.

Credits to Kuya Josef for some of the shots in this post. 
Hope you all had a wonderful time during the holidays! 


  1. wow nice place!

    stop by my blog if u get a second dear!




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